JFH Challenge Program


      The Challenge program at JFH provides a variety of enrichment activities for students including, but not limited to: curriculum resource instruction, a pull-out program, capstone projects, the stock market game, and chess club.


      Challenge opportunities are offered in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.  All Challenge activities stimulate creative and critical thinking skills for students.  The students solve problems in fun, unique ways using different strategies.  Students are encouraged to discover alternative solutions to unusual problems. Opportunities include hands-on activities and project-based learning where students will be actively involved in creative problem solving, English, and Math enrichment.    

       Students in 7th and 8th grade will be given the opportunity to apply to the Valley Ridge Governor's School held at JMU in the spring.  


BHS Challenge Program


        The Challenge program at each level - elementary, middle and high school - is quite different.  There are a lot of opportunities for students here at BHS, but they must be willing to take advantage of them.  Once in high school students need to be prepared to focus and work hard  Those choosing the advanced diploma should prepare themselves for college and higher education by taking more demanding classes such as advanced, honors and AP classes at Broadway.  Colleges like to see that students take the more rigorous classes and this should continue through their senior year.  If you have questions about your child’s education here at Broadway, please don’t hesitate to contact the counselors.  They are a great resource in knowing what courses your child will need and what colleges are looking for.  Encourage your child to set up an appointment with his/her counselor so they can get an early start on planning their goals, understanding what things they need to do to get the most out of their BHS experience, and what colleges are looking for.


         This year at Broadway I will be here 1 day a week on Odd Thursday's and Odd Friday's.  My focus here at BHS is to support the Challenge students, make navigating the college process easier by providing information and meeting with them, finding enrichment opportunities, and helping them apply for Massanutten Regional Governor's School, the Virginia Residential Governor’s Summer School, and Foreign Language Academy. 


         You will receive emails periodically that will contain upcoming events, important dates, websites, and information that will help you and your child get ready for their future.  Please check the BHS Counseling website often for new dates, information, and events being posted.  

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Our Mission

The Virginia Association for the Gifted is comprised of a network of educators, parents, and community members, guided by current research, who work collaboratively to advocate for the needs of gifted and talented learners. The association provides resources, information, and professional development to improve the quality of education in the Commonwealth.


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VAG was founded in 1977 to support gifted education. We publish periodic electronic newsletters; organize a statewide conference in odd numbered years; organize a statewide seminar in even numbered years; support research in gifted education; support specialized professional preparation for educators of the gifted; and recognize outstanding educators for their contributions to gifted learners. Membership is open to individuals who are interested in the education of the gifted.